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David ABALOS: Latinos and the sacred

Madeleine ADRIANCE: Where did the option for the poor come from?

George AICHELE: The hermeneutics of repentance

George AICHELE: Fantasy and myth in the death of Jesus

Catherine ALBANESE: The tribe of Jesse & American nature religion

Kenneth AMAN: Marxism(s) in liberation theology

Diana APOSTOLOS-CAPPADONA: Eliade on modern art

Mohammed ARKOUN: Is Christianity a threat to Islam?

Oscar ARNAL: M. D. Chenu--theology & commitment

Luther ASKELAND: The God in the moment

Luther ASKELAND: The Golem project--Zen insights on the Self

Nancy BANCROFT: "But can she type?"

Rosemary BANNAN: Autonomy in a secular world

Jonas BARCIAUSKAS: The textual journeys of Dante & Garcia Marquez

Rosemary BARCIAUSKAS & Debra HULL: Other women's daughters

Gregory BAUM: Catholicism & secularization in Quebec

Louis BEIRNAERT: Conditioning in the church

Thomas BERRY: The American college in the ecological age

Thomas BERRY: Creative Energy; The New Story; and The Dream of the Earth (counts as 3 reprints)

Frei BETTO: The church we want

Eugene BIANCHI: Signs of the times as a theological category

William BIRMINGHAM: Whitman's song of the possible American self

Jan BLACK: U.S. policy in Central America

Joseph BLENKINSOPP: What is at stake in the non-ordination of Roman Catholic women?

David BLUMENTHAL: "But Rabbi David says"-- a critique of theological deconstruction

Myron B. BLOY, jr.: Faith communities in the academic world

FranVws BOESPFLUG: The compassion of God in medieval art

Leonard BOFF: Trinitarian community & social liberation

Henri BOUILLARD: Karl Barth & the problem of natural theology

Mary C. BOYS: The cross--should a symbol betrayed be reclaimed?

Todd BREYFOGLE & Thomas LEVERGOOD: A conversation with DAVID TRACY

Todd BREYFOGLE: A conversation with Bishop Rowan Williams

Hunter BROWN: The nuclear mirror & the will-to-identity

Robert McAfee BROWN: Toward a just & compassionate society

David BRUSIN: The Holocaust poetry of Paul Celan

Beatrice BRUTEAU: Eucharistic ecology & spirituality

Beatrice BRUTEAU: Global spirituality & East-West integration

Beatrice BRUTEAU: Immaculate conception--our original face

Beatrice BRUTEAU: Contemplative insight & the new social order

Martin BUBER: Guilt & guilt feelings

Douglas BURTON-CHRISTIE: The nature-poetry of Mary Oliver

Douglas BURTON-CHRISTIE: The love poems of Thomas Merton

Curt CADORETTE: Searching for Easter in Peru

Sidney CALLAHAN: Honor, a misunderstood moral resource

Debra CAMPBELL: Dorothy Day--Catholic earth-mother

J. M. CAMERON: Newman's liberalism

J. M. CAMERON: Death & human experience

Phyllis CAREY: The drama of Vaclav Havel

Harry CARGAS: Interview with WALTER ONG

Warren CARLIN: Raymond Carver's symposium

John CARMODY: Professing religion

Denise & John CARMODY: Interreligious dialogue

Robert V. CARO: Ignatian discernment & Othello

William CAVANAUGH: Ecclesiology--Medellin & the base communities

Jorge CASTANEDA: Latin American & the end of the cold war

Marie CEDARS: The two voices of Elie Wiesel

James CHAMPION: Bartleby, the stranger

G. Clarke CHAPMAN: James Cone--American theology in Black

G. Clarke CHAPMAN: Trinity & the popular religions of crisis

Ernest CHILDERS: Empowering the peoples in their United Nations

Nancy Tenfelde CLASBY: Malcolm X & liberation theology

Paul CLAUDEL: Pilate's case

Arthur A. COHEN: The Holocaust--tremendum as caesura

Daniel COHN-SHERBOK: Jewish religious pluralism

Robert COLES & George WHITE: The religion of the privileged"

Jean COLLET: Cinema & narcissism

Howard COOPER: The thera~st & the suffering servant

John CORT: Must socialism be Marxist?

Rachel COWAN & Robert BULLOCH: Jewish-Christian marriages

Harvey COX: Theology from the underside

Harvey COX: The psychologizing of meditation

Cynthia CRYSDALE: Women & men & the flight from understanding

Edward CUDDY: Coping with authority in the church

Diana CULBERTSON: Catharsis in the modern theater

Thomas CULLINAN: The politics of ownership

Joseph CUNNEEN: Cinema & the sacred

Sally CUNNEEN: Dorothy Day--the storyteller as human model

Sally CUNNEEN: Mother world / mother church / mother God

A. CUSCHIERE: The Marxist-Christian dialogue

William CUTTER: A Jewish argument for deconstruction

Manuel DAVENPORT: The post-existential blues

Wm. Theodore DeBARY: The new Confucianism in Beiping

Michel DeCERTEAU: Revolutions in the believable

L. DEELEN: Basic Christian communities in Brazil

Thomas DERR: The argument over environmental control

Robert DETWEILER: Introducing deconstruction

Richard DEVETTERE: Whitehead's metaphysics & Heidegger's critique

Catherine De VINCK: A liturgy (poetry)

Adma d'HEURLE: The quest of Brigitta Trotzig

Adma d'HEURLE & Joel FEIMER: The psychology of James Hillman

Thomas DiNAPOLI: Guilt & absolution in GŁnther Grass

Pang DIGAN: China & the churches

Paul DINTER: Christ's body as male & female

Walter DIRKS: Marriage I eucharist I socialism

John DIXON: Michaelangelo's madonnas--carnal & spiritual

John DIXON: A theory of structure

John DIXON: Ortega y Gasset & the redefinition of metaphysics

Jay DOLAN: American Catholics & modernity

Wendy DONIGER: Memory, death, & experience

Richard DONOVAN: Cornel West's new pragmatism

Gary J DORRIEN: Liberal socialism & the legacy of the Social Gospel

Gary J. DORRIEN: Christianity & the future of economic democracy

Shiraz DOSSA: The Satanic Verses -- imagination & politics

James DRANE: The new Spain

Gertrude DUBROWSKY: Kentucky -- a Yiddish epic

John S. DUNNE: The ways of desire

Khalid DURAN: An alternative to Islamism--the evolutionary thought of Mahmud Taha

Emund EGAN: Ethics & heterosexual consciousness

Thomas EISELE: Beckett's Endgame

Mark ELLIS: The legacy of Peter Maurin

Jacques ELLUL: The humiliation of the Word

Jacques ELLUL: From the Bible to a history of non-work

Jean Bethke ELSHTAIN: Reflections on Jane Adams

Caryl EMERSON: The Russian intelligentsia & post-Soviet religious thought

Arthur FABEL: The dynamics of a self-governing universe

Grace FARRELL: The supernatural in I. B. Singer

Jose FAUR: Newton, Maimonides, & esotericism

Victor FERKISS: Technology & culture

Eugene FONTINELL: Faith & metaphysics revisited

Eugene FONTINELL: Immortality--help or hindrance?

Eugene FONTINELL: The return of "selves"

Robert FORBES: Joyce & Eliade

Marvin FOX, Michael HAMILTON, Elizabeth & R. Melvin KEISER, & Alice GALLIN: Religiously identified colleges today

Frederick FRANCK: The cosmic fish

Donald FREY: The Good Samaritan as bad economist

Sandra FRIEDMAN & Alec IRWIN: Christian feminism, eros, & power in right relation

Nancy FUCHS-KREIMER: Holiness & the rabbinate

Pierre GANNE: Who do you say that I am?

Gerald GARGIULO: Psychology & symbols

Clare GAUDIANI: Suppose there were a Samaritan today

Everett GENDLER & William NICHOLS: Critiques of Thomas Berry's ecological college

Mary GERHART: James Joyce--resentment transformed

Carol GILLIGAN: Mapping the moral domain

Rene GIRARD: The Gospel passion as victim's story

Ida GOERRES: The unbelief of believers

Roger GOTTLIEB: Levinas, feminism, & deep ecology

Denis GOULET: Is economic justice possible?

Denis GOULET: Tasks & methods of development ethics

Denis GOULET: Catholic social doctrine & new thinking in economics

D.GOULET: Development--historical task or opening to transcendence?

Colin GRANT: The promise & perils of praxis

Donald GRAY: Patience--human & divine

Andrew GREELEY: Religion & secularism

Maxine GREENE: Freedom, education, & public spaces

Judith GREGORY: A letter to Simone Weil

R. GUICHARD: The church & political choices

Vigen GUROIAN: Love in Orthodox ethics

Christine GUSDORF: Abotion & "the seamless garment"

Pierre HADOT: Wittgenstein's Tractatus-Philosophicus

John HALSTED: An interview with John Dominic Crossan

Susan HANDELMAN: Jewish tradition & modern literary criticism

Susan HANDELMAN: The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Robert HANDY: The history of schism in America

Vincent HARDING: An open letter on Habits of the Heart

Vincent HARDING: Martin Luther King & the future of America

Bernard HARING: The Curran case

Daniel HARRINGTON: What's new(s) about the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Riffat HASSAN To be a Muslim today

Stanley HAUERWAS: Love is not enough

Stanley HAUERWAS: Why truthfulness requires forgiveness

Rosemary HAUGHTON: Prophecy in exile

Rosemary HAUGHTON & Nancy SCHWOYER: Welfare reform & national scapegoating

Thomas HAYES: The biology of reproductive acts

Eric HELLER: Wittgenstein--unphilosophical considerations

Charles P. HENDERSON: The future of ARIL in the information age

Jean HIGGINS: The inner agon of Endo Shosaku

Nancy Kleck HILL: The savior as woman

Nancy Kleck HILL: Moby Dick--following Ahab to doom

Bryan HILLIS: Protestants as schismatics

Roderick HINDERY: Moslem & Christian ethics

Lawrence HOFFMAN: Being a Jew at Christmas

Lawrence HOFFMAN: Jewish-Christian services

Marjorie HOPE & James YOUNG: Islam & ecology

Mary HUNT: Women-church as church

Laennec HURBON: Christian missions as a political problem

M. Conrad HYERS: Prophet & mystic

Joseph HYNES: Heinrich Boll's Group Portrait with Lady

Ivan ILLICH: The recovery of health

Ivan ILLICH: The institutional spectrum

Joseph INCANDELLA: PLaying God--divine activity, human activity, & Christian ethics

Don JONES, Michael LERNER, & Joan CAMPBELL: Religion in the White House

Shamai KANTER: The language of Jewish community

Gordon KAUFMAN: Metaphysics & theology

Philip KAUFMAN: Abortion, Catholic pluralism, & dialogue

R. Melvin KEISER: Postcriticism & systematic theology

Dorothy Ann KELLY: The 4th international UN conference on women

James KELLY: Sociology & the moral force of schism

Georges KHODR: Violence & the Gospel

Ha Poong KIM: Bodhisattva practice in a nuclear age

Madonna KOLBENSCHLAG: US economy & religious values

Zvi KOLITZ: "Yossef Rakover's appeal to God" -- a story

Kosuke KOYAMA: How many languages does God speak?

Kenneth KRAFT: The greening of Buddhist practice

Victor A. KRAMER: The self in Merton's poetry

F. X. KRONCKE: Prison, bottoming out, & the mother

K. J. KUSCHEL: The Christianity of Heinrich Boll

Lawrence KUSHNER: Sacred stories of the ordinary

Hugh LACEY: On liberation

Paul LAKELAND: Education & the public sphere

Belden LANE: Countercultural spirituality in the desert fathersi mothers

Janet LARSON: Fatal attraction in a go-for-it world

Stanley LEAVY: A Pascalian meditation on psychoanalysis

Madeleine, L'ENGLE: The possible human

Madeleine, L'ENGLE: The possible human

August LEONARD: Religious freedom & civil tolerance

Ellen LeVEE: Jewish, female, intellectual, religious; plus Harvey COX: Religion in Harvard Yard

Emmanuel LEVINAS: The Jewish understanding of Scripture

Emmanuel LEVINAS: Ethics & infinity

Xavier LEON-DUFOUR: To lose one's life

Norman LILLEGARD: The Bible & artificial intelligence

Andre LUSSIER: Psychoanalysis & moral issues in marital problems

Gary MacEOIN: Bishop Samuel Ruiz--voice of the voiceless

John McDERMOTT: John Dewey & a philosophy for the handicapped

Robert McDERMOTT: Philosophy & the evolution of consciousness

Claude-Edmond MAGNY: Faulkner's inverse theology

Daniel MAGUIRE: The exclusion of women from orders

Mary MAHOWALD: Feminism in American philosophy

O. MANNONI: The lament of the Negro

Melanie A. MAY: "A body knows"--writing resurrection

Luke MBEFO: Theology & inculturation

John MBITI: The future of Christianity in Africa

Brenda MEEHAN: Wisdom / Sophia, Russian identity, & Western feminist theology

Jean MERCIER: Truth & orthodoxy

Emmanuel MESTHENEL Technology & religious unification

Johannes METZ: Redemption & emancipation

Clyde Lee MILLER: World hunger, poverty, & ethics

Jerome A. MILLER: Laughter and the absurd comedy of celebration

Anselm MIN: The Vatican & liberation theology

Anselm MIN: The challenge of radical pluralism

Patricia MISCHE: National security & non-violence

Carolyn MITCHELL: Dual responsibility of Blacks in higher education

John MOFFITT: God as mother; plus Diane TENNIS: The maleness of Jesus

Christopher MOONEY: Education's prism

Edward MOONEY: The book of Job--a renewal of self & world

Deborah Dash MOORE: Being a Jew in the academy

Sebastian MOORE: Jesus, the liberator of desire

Gabriel MORAN: Jews, Christians, & unique revelation

Ann-Janine MOREY: The gestures of Pentecostal women

Yakim MOUBARAC: The reawakening of Islam

Spencer Monroe NADLER: Working through images

Alice NAKHIMOWSKI: Russian Jews in search of a self

Pierre-Claude NAPPEY: An open letter on homosexuality

Seyyed Hossein NASR: To live in a world with no center--and many

Marie-Augusta NEAL: The future of altruism

Jacob NEUSNER: There has never been a Jewish-Christian dialogue--but there could be one

Jacob NEUSNER: The first-century Jewish-Christian argument

Jacob NEUSNER: The relationship between Christians and Jews--situation then, and in the future

Richard R. NIEBUHR: The creation of belief

Albert NOLAN: The option for the poor in South Africa

Kathleen NORRIS: on Emily Dickinson

Joan NUTH: Newman's Apologia & narrative theology

Hiroshi OBAYASHI: The end of ideology & political theology

Alex OBOLENSKY: The social Christianity of St. Vladimir of Kiev

Alex OBOLENSKY: Solzhenitysn's Alyosha

Carol OCHS: Miriam's way--the holy in the everyday

Carol OCHS: The presence in the desert

Peter OCHS: Returning to Scripture

Peter OCHS: Eugene Borowitz & postmodernist Jewish philosophy

Padraic O'HARE & Leon KLENICKI: A dialogue on liberation theology

Joseph O'LEARY: Overcoming the Nicene Creed

Claude ORTEMAN: How did Jesus react to suffering?

Raimundo PANIKKAR: Can Christians claim both chosenness & universality?

Raimundo PANIKKAR: The new innocence

W. PANNENBERG: Christianity's contribution to the modern world

Luigi PAREYSON: Dostoevsky & "useless suffering"

David PATTERSON: Mikhail Bakhtin on word & spirit

John PAWLIKOWSKI: The revolution of the Pharisees

Brant PELPHREY: on Julian of Norwich

Ted PETERS: The UFOs--their religious significance

Mel PIEHL: The Catholic Worker & American religious tradition

Aloysius PIERIS: The Buddhist-Christian dialogue

Albert PLE: The church--and the idea people have of it

Albert PLE: The morality of obsessional neurosis

Eugene L. POGANY: In each other's likeness--twin brothers separated by faith after the Holocaust

Eugene L. POGANY: Exile & memory: reflections on Tisha B'Av

Riv-Ellen PRELL: Reformulating Judaism in the 70s

Albert RABOTEAU: Praying the ABCs--reflections on Black history

Albert RABOTEAU: Re-enchanting the world--education, wisdom, & imagination

Karl RAHNER: Mysterium ecclesiae

John C. RAINES: Islam & the West

John RAINES: Toward a relational theory of justice

John RAINES: A classroom is well named

John RAINES: Earth vigil: Darwin, death, & hope

Larry RASMUSSEN: Reinhold Niebuhr -- public theologian

Betty REARDON & Theodore BENFEY: Reflections on Thomas Berry's college for the ecological age

Thomas REID: The African-American scholar between text & pulpit

Joyce RICHARDSON: Alfred Adler--work & meaning

Robert RIZZO: Psychological aspects of nuclear war

Judith ROCK: Voices of my selves

Steven C. ROCKEFELLER: John Dewey, spiritual democracy, & the human spirit

Sylvie ROMANOWSKI: Malraux's Anti-memoirs;interview with Malraux

Marian RONAN: Women's lives--a call to celebration

Barbara Ellison ROSENBLITT: Bat Sheva's Pslam 51

Rosemary RUETHER: The quest for redemptive community

A. W. SADLER: How to start your own religion

Cheryl SANDERS: Ethics & the achievements of Black women

Charles SCALESE: Teresa of Avila--teacher of evangelical women?

Stephen SCHARPER: The Gaia hypothesis--a Christian political theology of the environment

Leigh SCHMIDT: Christmas & consumer culture

Kenneth SCHMITZ: Authonty, community, communication

Mark SCHWEHN: Max Weber & the academic "vocation"

Mark SCHWEHN: The once & future university

Juan Luis SEGUNDO: Paul's humanist vision

Edward SELLNER: Brigit of Kildare & women's spiritual power

James F. SENNETT: Requiem for an android? (answer to Lillegard)

Xavier SEUBERT: Sacramental vision & homosexual reality

Richard SEWALL: O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night

David SHANNON: A religious vision for historically Black colleges

Arvind SHARMA: Religion & politics in India

William SHEA: Love & language in the spiritual life

G. SHEPPARD: Biblical criticism & deconstruction

Daniel SHERIDAN: Christ & Krishna as embodied

Byron L. SHERWIN: Toward a just & compassionate society

Aylward SHORTER: African traditional religions

Bill SHUTER: The confessions of Richard Rodriguez

Stephen SICARI: Eliot's art of memory

Rudolf SIEBERT: The church from Below--Kung & Metz

Rudolf SIEBERT: Walter Dirks--political theologian

George SIMPSON: Habermas' communicative imagination

Huston SMITH: Philosophy & the primordial claim

Pamela SMITH: The ecotheology of Annie Dillard

Jon SOBRINO: Poverty is death to the poor

Dorothee SOELLE: Prayer poems on political themes

Dorothee SOELLE: Moses, Jesus, & Marx

Ulrich SONNEMANN: Existential analysis

James SPICKARD: Liberation theology & critical theology

Eric SPRINGSTED: Moral education in a democratic society

Max STACKHOUSE: Public theology & community

Ilan STAVANS: "A Heaven Without Crows"--a story of Franz Kafka

Krister STENDAHL: The Lord's prayer

Douglas STURM: A theology of childhood liberation

Pablo SEUSS: Evangelization & the tribal cultures of Brazil

Francis SULLIVAN: Eliade & Erickson--trust & the sacred

Leonard SWIDLER: Liberal Catholicism--a lesson from the past

Leonard SWIDLER: Islam & the trialogue of Abrahamic religions

Tom TAAFFE: The education of the heart

EIsa TAMEZ: Hagar & Sarah--a third world commentary

Richard TARNAS: The transfiguration of the Western mind

Mark TAYLOR: The anachronism of a/theology

Notto THELLE: Christianity in a Buddhist context

Mary Luke TOBIN: Poetry in the art of peacemaking

John M. TODD: The wider church

David TOOLAN: The Catholic taboo against schism

David S. TOOLAN: New Age spirituality

T. F. TORRANCE: Christian beliefs & the scientific revolution

David TRACY: The hidden God--the divine other of liberation

Brigitta TROTZIG: Anima; Malady; Brigit of Sweden

Gordon TUCKER: Unity & contemporary Jewry

Mary Evelyn TUCKER: The challenge of Chung Sue Wing

Victor TURNER: Body, brain, and culture

Geoffrey TURNER: Sounds of transcendence in modern music

Anton UGOLNIK: Unity & Orthodox sensibility

Paul VALLELY: Ethical responsibility & third world debt

Frans Jozef VAN BEECK: A sermon in memory of the Shoa

Paul VAN BUREN: Covenantal pluralism

Miroslav VOLF: Christianity in Eastern Europe after communism

Brian WALSH, M.KARSH, & N.ANSEK: Trees, forestry, creation

Roger WALSH: Can the West understand Eastern philosophy?

Arthur WASKOW: Exodus is not enough

Walter WEISSKOPF: Economics & meaninglessness

Elie WIESEL: The refugee

Elie WIESEL: Art & culture after the Holocaust

Rowan WILLIAMS: Theological integrity

Walter WINK: William Stringfellow: theologian of the 3rd millenium

Theo WITVLIET: In search of a Black Christology